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Approval, Amendment & Distribution

Quality Manual, Review As Well Approval

The quality manual is carefully designed and reviewed by the management representative (MR). Hence, it is well approved by the general manager. 

Amendment & Revision History of Quality Manual

The role of MR is to review excellently this manual as well as procedures with department heads on the annual basis, in proper conjunction with any kind of audit based findings & outstanding corrective action, so as to confirm the sufficiency of quality management system. Even minute of these reviews are carefully recorded and thereby forms the quality records of the review.

To all the associated manual holders, revisions are hand-delivered. These can be delivered by mail too, if dictated by distance or time.

Revisions are done through replacement of the applicable page. Each revision will be depicted as the Revision 01 coming across as an initial issue and remaining revisions coming across as 02, 03 and others. From the date of revision, revision number as well as issue, every revised page is being identified. Revisions to company procedures along with manual are done, as needed, for the purpose of demonstrating current quality management system. The entire document ensures being periodically revised, updated along with re-issued at the proper discretion of MR.

The amendment text given on the revised page will be discovered through a system of marking in a text, having a vertical line, properly in right-hand margin with issue number perfectly in a triangle. Revisions boasts being consecutively numbered until a time the latest issue incorporates all such modifications.

The document gets periodically revised, which results in it being up-to-date and relevant. The page headings provide the document ID number, page number and current division number date of issue. 

Controlled copies are carefully numbered of the manual and hence a register is being maintained of recipients to assure that concerned individuals are all updated when both revisions and new revisions are formed. Controlled copies holders shall take responsibility pertaining to update manual allotted to them and return to MR, all of the revised section based obsolete copies, when issued with newest revisions. Any issue that is not having red-line controlled copy stamp is deemed as an uncontrolled copy.

An entire schedule of holders is maintained excellently by MR who shall carefully compile a register based on controlled copy numbers for well identifying to whom specific numbers are being assigned. 

Distribution of Quality Manual

MR administers quality manual distribution as per established distribution list. Singularly controlled copy of manual shall be rightfully issued to copy holders within organization. The MR will make sure that controlled copies are updated with speed and thus carefully distribute revised quality manual to the  holders of controlled copies and will dispose obsolete ones.

Uncontrolled copies of this manual may find utilization for the purpose of promotional or marketing or business development. And it can be issued to the clients on demand basis for the purpose of reference, subject to managing partner approval.

Quality Management System General Needs

We have properly determined operations and processes required for quality management system and its application. We are proud to announce that our quality management system as well as supporting documentations are well formed for measuring & monitoring the huge effectiveness of operations or processes needful for guaranteeing logical planning, that leads towards steady continual improvement.

Our perfect quality policy statements boasts being completely supported by written procedures as well as documentation as per customers requirements being synced with needed standards. 

Operating procedures are maintained in place for amassing the needful information to excellently measure, assess, monitor and control resources that are necessary for execution of planned improvement criteria. 

We assure the following:

  • Execution of actions required to attain planned results as well as continual improvement of processes.
  • Measuring, monitoring coupled with analysis of processes.

Control of Out Sourced Process

Any service that is being acquired from some another organization is considered as outsourced process. A strict procedure is pursued for evaluation, selection and approval regarding service suppliers. At present the out source process is related to calibration of equipment.

We shall define our proper control upon outsourced products via quality plans, documented procedure, onsite audits as well as quality assurance needs to applicable vendors.

Documentation Requirements

Our quality management system has been designed in abidance with requirements of ISO standards and to match clients needs as well as ongoing industry practices. Documents encompassing records are considered by the company to be heavily important for effective operation, planning and control of its processes. 

Quality Manual 

The manual encompasses the following:

  • Quality Policy
  • Interaction between processes
  • Scope of Quality Management System
  • Organization Chart
Master list of documents as well as interrelation between management system manual, procedures & standards. 

Control of Documents

Documented procedures are developed for the purpose of controlling documents concerning to the system. These documents encompass:

  • Customers specifications
  • Procedures
  • Quality policy and objectives
  • Forms

Control of Quality Management System Records

Documented procedure is originated to well define controls required for protection, identification, retention, storage, retrieval as well as disposition of records. These records include:

  • Minutes of Management Reviews
  • Calibration Records
  • Training Records
  • Inspection Reports
  • Internal Audit Reports
  • Corrective Actions
  • Customers Complaints

Wherever as per agreement contractually, quality records are made accessible to either clients or their representatives for the purpose of evaluation or review as needed. MR will be responsible regarding auditing documentation procedures for as to excellently assure that records are perfectly maintained. 

Management Responsibility

Management Commitment

The top management of our renowned company provides high assurance that creation and implementation of quality management system is extremely effective and therefore confirms the constant improvement of its effectiveness. This is done through communication company the value of meeting customers and statutory & regulatory needs. Quality management system and objectives are aligned to the purpose of the business. The implementation performance of all this is carefully monitory periodically by:

Periodic data analysis related to clients requirements as well as quality objectives such as customer complaints analysis, quality management system performance measures, etc.

  • Quality audits
  • Management reviews
  • periodic project status reporting and others. 

Additionally, we also focus on maintaining resources like equipment, manpower and other facilities that are mandatory for meeting needs of every contract as well as achieve objectives and policies. Also, performing management reviews once in a whole year at least and others. 

Customer Focus

We have trained our personnel to make sure customers concerns are well met during inquiry stages. At the numerous stages of negotiations, clients are consulted properly on diverse major matters. We listen to our customers exact needs and thereby try our best to serve quality that goes with their requirement. Our company uses tools and methods given in QMS for maintaining our focus on fulfilling quality requirements of our esteemed customers. We acquire customers gratification with quality confirmed array of Emergency Bulb, Tube Light, LED TV, Set- Top Box, etc.

Our Quality Policy

Our management prioritizes on building a quality policy that is applicable to the needs of the company. The policy statement is well created by top management and thus holds approval of directors. Our policy statement contains some of the following:

  • It carries commitment of the company for constant betterment
  • Policy statement is well communicated to all staff members who have the responsibility to meet needs of this policy with their supreme efforts and decisions.
  • This statement is reviewed annually at least, etc.


Quality Management System Planning

We draft a plan to excellently execute our quality policy. Following are some elements pertaining to planning:

  • Product processes performance
  • Product requirements
  • Smart objectives and targets

The process of planning depends on a pro-active approach and therefore includes:

  • Identifying desired outcomes
  • Setting clear performance criteria
  • Setting time scales
  • Identifying requirements for system
  • Identifying who is responsible 

Quality Management System Objectives

We are pleased to inform that we have formed SMART objectives at almost all the levels. These are dependent on:

  • Process as well as product performance
  • Data analysis, output of management review meetings as well as internal audit results
  • Technical options and financial along with operational & business needs 
  • Needs, views as well as expectations of owners, society, customers, interested parties and employees

The mentioned objectives assures to be heavily consistent with quality policy. The given SMART objectives are appropriately communicated to each and every team member. Also, these objectives are perfectly reviewed as well as revised.  

Responsibility, Authority & Communication

Responsibilities & Authorities

We are describing below some of the key responsibilities of our staff members who are indulged in managing, supervising and other kinds of jobs:

Head of Operations: Directors

  • To heighten image of the business group with supreme quality
  • To attain corporate budgets via optimum usage of company human and capital resources such as desk/laptop, men/women, electricity and others.
  • To enhance business growth by bringing ahead new products and excellently improving old ones, which makes the path for cost reduction need CAPA.

Head of Perfumery R & D and LED R & D

To create substitute raw materials for the purpose of cost reduction in LED/HOME/PERFUMERY appliances. 
To excellently better business growth with new product development
To do the deep research as well as invention pertaining to LED and a couple of other products.
To do excellent co-ordination with outside research labs, copy rights of indigenous commodities created, patent surveys, etc.
To handover formulations pertaining to LED, perfumery and many more to OEM organizations for the commercial based orders. 

Head of Quality Assurance

  • To continuously evolve as well as carefully manage Good Manufacturing Practices in the company.
  • To increase products popularity and image with strict quality control.
  • To execute a continuous training for making everyone learn about GMP as well as quality based measures that are mandatory for our product range.
  • To act perfectly as a custodian of company standing instructions as well as company procedures
  • To guarantee as well as monitor base materials, finished products as well as packaging materials according to the quality standards laid down by our renowned company.

Head of Design & Development

  • To make sure that latest products which are well designed as well as conceptualized are perfectly released according to the agreed schedule.
  • To nurture strong relationships with suitable vendors regarding development process after carefully evaluating their specialization and experience in the development area and also maintaining cost-effective factor in view. 
  • To confirm the management that designs do not carry any form of engineering defect.
  • To hire and train subordinates to smoothly take care of all concerned activities in the absence within required time-frame. 
  • To conceptualize latest ideas and thus excellently provide shape to them in the form of our class apart and modern LED items and others, maintaining factor of cost as per our guidelines. 

Head of Materials Management 

  • To maintain inventory of raw materials and finished products
  • To train experts to take care of stock and materials managing activities 
  • To keep records of sourced and stocked products to avoid conflicts in future
  • To facilitate fast and safe shipment of products to distributors and clients

Head of Human Resources

  • To advanced operations related to human resource
  • To handle legal concerns with governing bodies
  • To recruit professionals who can work on all human resource related activities

Management Representative (MR)

We have appointed a smart and skilled Management Representative to carefully handle the following responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of records
  • Review and updation business documents 
  • Implement right quality management system
  • Record complaints of customers and take necessary actions 
  • Ensure improvement in business operations for company growth
  • Report to the top management for strengths and weaknesses of QMS


Top level and department managers along with MR keep the experts informed regarding the progress and improvement of the status of the company. Super effective internal communication takes place between top level management and all other employees through the following:

  • E mail
  • Training 
  • Meeting 
  • Notice board
  • Internal memos
  • Verbal communication

Management Review

Our top management reviews QMS, twice a year, in order to ensure flawlessness in program and improve procedures where needed. All the changes and improvements take place internally to ensure effectiveness of the system. 

Review Input

A review is conducted with all concerned departments and professionals where the following is discussed in detail:

  • Objectives, policies, customers feedback 
  • Recommendations from experts for improvement
  • Changes that can lead to better QMS
  • Training staff to help them perform better

Review Output

Management takes appropriate action pertaining to bettering QMS and indulges in improving resources. The members of the review team are given responsibilities to handle improvement tasks with care and caution. The copy of changes and improvements is also passed on to all the concerned departments and experts. 

Resource Management 

Provision of Resources

At Parekh Gadgets Private Limited, we invest a huge amount in maintaining our resources in order to provide customers with exceptional quality LED TV, Emergency Bulb, Tube Light, Set- Top Box, etc. We maintain a sound infrastructural base, train our professionals to do better tasks, provide safe work environment to employees and so much more. Our aim to maintain all of aforementioned is to:

  • Maintain best quality management system
  • Improve quality management system from time to time
  • Indulge in rendering complete satisfaction to customers

Human Resource, Competence, Awareness & Training

For our company, maintaining quality in products is crucial which is why we rely on the skills, experience and talent of our professionals. We provide our employees all the necessary resources for development of advanced LED solutions. We believe in maintaining our strong position in the electrical industry which is why we identify new market demands, plan for improving our operations and invest in machines and techniques, which can help us produce better products for modern customers. In required, special training to employees is also provided. 


To achieve maximum customers satisfaction, delivering quality best products is crucial. Considering the same, we have managed to maintain advanced and robust production units at Nagpur, Maharashtra (India). We have developed various departments for conducting production, quality checking, storage and other works with ease. Adequate facilities have been invested in for maintaining smooth flow of production operations. 

Work Environment 

We provide safe, hygiene based and peaceful environment to our workers to perform all business tasks without any problem. PPE Kit including mask, body coverall, gloves, safety shoes and more are provided to all our workers to maintain safety at work place and promote hygiene based production. 

Planning of Product Realization

Planning is important for processing products in a timely manner. Considering the same, Company Directors and Managers indulge in planning and reviewing projects as well as handling responsibilities to concerned departments. All project planning includes the following:

  • Type of product to be produced
  • Number of products to be made
  • Total time for completion of project 

Customer Related Process

Knowing specific requirements of customers is very important for a company to match customers expectations. Here at our company, we have recruited experts to understand market dynamics and requirements of buyers. Taking into account customers needs and expectations, we plan production of better products. We also conduct market researches, provide samples of our offerings to customers and get their honest feedback. Along with this, additional requirement of customers pertaining to scheduled delivery is met well. 

Review of Requirements Pertaining To Our Offerings

We accept orders ensuring customers requirements. In case of changes, relevant documents are amended by means of communication with customers. If requirement of customers differs from previously mentioned then variations as per contract are reviewed and implemented. 

Distributors/Super Stockists/Retailers Communication

We believe in open communication with distributors, stockists and retailers to meet end users needs. We use reliable channels of communications such as fax, e mail and phone to share information, handle order enquiries and take customers feedback. 

Design Development 

We have especially made design and development departments at our facility to ensure requirements of customers for finely designed and precisely developed LED products are met by us well. From planning to designing, reviewing designed products, changes in design (If necessary), and so much more are done in these departments. Drawings and necessary documents regarding product development are added in computer system for future reference. Only authorized employees are given responsibility of making changes drawings when required. 


Purchasing Process

We careful select suppliers for obtaining the best of products and services, where selection process depend on type of products for production, supplier performance in the industry and final impact on products. Once in every year we evaluate or re-evaluate suppliers and ensure they are meeting our requirements of supplying the best of solutions. 

Purchasing Information

Procurement of essential products and services is always through purchase orders, where purchase documents shall describe the following details:

  • Material type, price, quantity and supply date
  • Specifications, technical details and standards
  • Packaging and delivery information 
  • Method of product inspection

Verification of Purchased Products

We have formed alliance with third party inspection companies to test purchased items prior to placing them in stock and using them for production. Our associates conduct detailed testing of items and maintain record of approved suppliers. Meanwhile we ensure our suppliers steady performance.

Production & Service Provision

For OEM Manufacturers

Our associate third party manufacturing companies carry out production of products on controlled conditions, few of which are bulleted below:

Production criteria and testing specification
Maintenance of machines for smooth production
Timely calibration of equipment necessary for production

Identification & Traceability

Documents necessary for production of LED Bulbs, Emergency Bulb, Perfume & Deodorant, Tube Light and other items are maintained well so that at different stages of production, products can be easily identified. Only person in charge of maintaining documents can identify products. Both identification and traceability are done for raw materials and finished items using their batch number and date of production. 

Preservation of Products

We ensure our products are safely handled during production and delivery. Advanced material handling equipment are used for safe products handling. Storage facilities are also maintained in the best manner for the same. 

Investigation of iMEE Finished Goods

We have R&D experts to conduct investigation on products. Testing of products is done either by third party companies or in in-house to ensure supreme quality standards. 

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement 


Our experts ensure products features, failures, customers satisfactions, complaints and more to continually improve production process. Every year we conduct a customer satisfaction survey where customers feedback about every detail is taken and worked upon. A report post feedback is prepared to review and necessary improvements are done. 

Internal Audits 

A document with complete information of planning, responsibilities, records and results is made to ensure QMS is followed perfectly. Depending on effectiveness of QMS, internal audits are conducted under the supervision of MR. Experts having knowledge of the field but not directly associated conduct internal audits. From big to minute details under internal audit is recorded and shown to the responsible person. Top management uses report of internal audit to take necessary action for improvement of QMS. 

Monitoring & Measurement of Processes

Improvement of products and processes is based on Performance Management System, where the focus is on KPIs- Key Performance Indicators and evaluation of products and processes. Future plans are made for improving processes by management. 

Monitoring & Measurement of Product 
Features of LED Bulbs, Emergency Bulb, Tube Light and other products are monitored and measured very carefully so that if any faults are found, necessary changes can take place by responsible staff. Record of monitoring and measuring process is kept safely by experts. 

Control of Non-conforming Products 

We take necessary action for eliminating detects in non-conforming products. Authorization of these products is done by relevant authority and necessary actions are taken to preclude application of products. 

Analysis of Data

Our company collects data from third party manufacturing companies to ensure effectiveness of QMS. Internal audit and customers feedback are taken into analysis by the management committee. A complete data analysis is done by responsible managers and reviewed. Report of analysis may include the following:

  • Satisfaction and dissatisfaction of customers 
  • Features of products 
  • Quality audit data
  • Rating of supplier


Continual Improvement

We believe in continually improvement our offerings for serving masses better. We make best use of resources for bettering our line of products and take necessary actions for ensuring supremacy in products. 

Corrective Action

Documented procedure is made for perfect implementation of corrective action. From the scale of problem to impact of the overall process is taken into consideration. This procedure caters the following:

  • To review actions taken for ensuring effectiveness of products
  • To choose action for elimination of faults
  • To take action in case of process failure
  • To report defects in products 
  • To better in areas where our customers think we need improvement

Preventive Action

Preventive actions are implemented to attain the following:

  • Record and monitor actions 
  • Find main cause of problem 
  • Prevent reoccurrence of problems
  • Deal with problems effectively 
  • Assess problems related to non-conformity of products
  • Possible cause of problems 

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